Mass Hysteria HipHop-Jam Part01 - 12.08.2006

Fundbuero-Hamburg - Welcome Party People!!!!

Come in...

One ticket please :-)

DjHighfly & DJ Arok

Nice! (not your backside boris, i mean the artwork!)

Beam me up...

Arok & DjPsychopath!

Microphone-Check 1-2

nice shoes Remark (get the balance right?)!


Yes, here come the Hundreth Monkey!

TMS, kicking it original!

Mind-x-Panding /Direkt Action

Hardcoooree the sharpshootaz!!!!

Yeahh what a voice!!! (Mental Disorda)

Breakfast NOT in Amerika, it´s HAMBURG - EUROPE!

is anoybody tired? :-)

Relief & Highfly & Boris

McRelief (Class Action)

Nice People !!!

what is so funny about me, what the hell....

i like to see you lucky man!!!

once again back is the incredible - rhyme animal - monkeyman Bandog!!!

Psychopath is teaching DjHighfly

are they friendly?...

...yes, definitely!

but they are decided...

to rock! (in this moment you have to listen to a fat britcore-beat!)

Remark! what is wrong with your shoes? are you really from this planet? When i hear your incredible rhymes and see these shoes, i become thinking that you are not from here...where is your u.f.o ? :-)

... Brought to you by DjHighfly


thank you my friends!!!! i love ya i love ya i love ya